Discoteca Rockefeller

  • Stil: Discothek
  • Straße: Calle el Chaparil
  • Preise: hoch
  • Sonstiges: Schick, modern, irgendwie anders als Jimmy’s… Irgendwie fehlt diesem Tanz-Schuppen das gewisse Extra. Irgendwie auch spießigeres Publikum als sonst wo. Hm… vielleicht wird’s ja noch.
  • Wertung: ★★★½☆
  • Link: Facebook



6 Kommentare

  1. Rebby sagt:

    when you next in nerja

  2. Rebby sagt:

    purr its fee fee
    I think rokefella is puuuuurfect

  3. Rebby sagt:

    i do not agree
    neither does timmy
    or the other se7en ladz
    see you in there
    rebby fray fray

  4. nusay sagt:

    Hello guys,
    Well I’m 21 years old and go often to the disco in Germany.
    In nerja I’m making my holiday this year.
    last day i was in the street chaparil where rockefeller was. I’ve came in at 1.30 o’clock
    and no one was there. From 2-3 o clock the people came around. Well
    im new here and just walked to the dance floor and began to dance.
    what happened? NOTHING! everyone is only in his groups! No onr is gettting out there! All the
    guys are just staring and no talking/ dancing to girls and it was just boring.
    the room was just way tooooo small for so much people but music i csn say was very good.
    Anyway. Ive expect more from a discotheque in spain. This was just boring, no one talking, girls ate
    jumping in the arms of guys and if u aren’t there in your own big group then there is no way to have a good time! !!

    • Fred sagt:

      I totaly agree with you.
      A few years ago I went to „Jimmy’s“ almost every weekend and it was great. It took only a few minutes to get in contact with the people, no matter if they were from Nerja or from all over Europe…
      At „Rockefeller“ it’s different. I sometimes get the feeling, that foreign people are not welcome.
      Sad but true… :-(

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